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Schloss Runkelstein
Schloss Maretsch
Ruine Rafenstein

Maretsch Castle


"Next stop...Gries"
from July 2022

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The history of Gries as a tourist resort began in the second half of the 19th century: luxurious hotels, spas and private villas were built nestled in the vineyards to host eager visitors. Today many of these structures have been converted to other uses or demolished to make room for apartments. Through a rich collection of postcards, this exhibition traces the history of the Gries spa resort from the splendour of the belle époque to its transformation into an urban neighbourhood.

festival textile manufacture
24th - 26th March 2023


The Maretsch Castle, an ancient mansion, is going to be the proper frame for a unique exhibition of top-rated products created in local and international textile workshops and factories.
Visitors too will get a special opportunity to closely see and appreciate top-level handiwork or workshop creations, fabrics, unusual textile design and eco-friendly oriented manufacturing.


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