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Schloss Runkelstein
Schloss Maretsch
Ruine Rafenstein

Maretsch Castle


Elegant rooms for your successful event.

The ground floor

The atrium – celebrate under the stars

The inner courtyard is the heart of the castle and the perfect setting for big occasions as weddings, concerts or gala dinners. 

Furthermore it is situated directly at the entrance of the castle and therefore easily accessible.

Click here for a 360° view of the inner courtyard.

Click here: technical details of the rooms.

Innenhof Schloss Maretsch.jpg

The outdoor area

Verena und Moritz 23.jpg

The garden - a green oasis 

Our garden is the perfect place for your summer event, an elegant reception or a civil ceremony. 

The trees and the vineyards, sourrounding the castle, create a unique and magique atmosphere.


Since 2018 it is possible to held the civil ceremony at Maretsch Castle. 

The first floor

Römersaal - sala Römer.jpg

Römer room – a magnificent room from Renaissance times

The representations of this room revolve around themes taken from the Old Testament and the Roman Antiquity. The beautiful painted ceiling is contemporary to the frescoes (second half of the XVI century)

The ideal place for conferences, workshops and symposia.


Click here for a 360° view of the Römer room

Thun room or gallery of philosphers

In this room the seven wise men of Greece and other ancient philosophers are represented using the technique of grisaille. This part of the castle is the perfect place for exhibitions, product presentations and buffets.

Click here for a 360° view of the

Thun room - part 1

Thun room - part 2

Click here: technical details of the rooms.

The second floor

Hendl room – an elegant ambience

Both the painted ceiling and the frescoes date back to the Renaissance period. Situated on the second floor and with the original open fireplace this room combines some privacy with an elegant ambience.

Click here for a 360° view of the Hendl room

Click here: technical details of the rooms.

And some more...


For small meetings, have a look at our loggia painted with flowers, animals and little scenes, the towers painted with frescoes and the other rooms. 

Click here for a 360° view of the south-west tower

Click here for a 360° view of the tower with the coats of arms



Click here for the price list of the meeting rooms. Please contact us by mail or telephone for a personalized offer, we will be glad to find the perfect solutions to meet your requirements..

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